Psychology, Second Cycle, LGBTQI, Psychological Perspectives    Second Cycle    7.5 hp

This course covers lgbtqi psychology from both a Swedish and an international perspective. This includes a review of key concepts and the historical development of lgbtqi issues. Research methodology and research areas in lgbtqi psychology will be discussed.
The main focus is on the various protective and risk factors affecting health and illness, as well as the underlying mechanisms involved. The importance of intersectional perspectives will be stressed. This increases the skill to recognize protective and risk factors and to prevent ill-health and promote health. The course includes practical knowledge and advice.

Requirements:Standard eligibility requirements ().
Selection:Academic points.
Weeks:35 (2017) - 02 (2018)
Studies:Part-time, Daytime class
Language of instruction:Swedish
Application code:ORU-38018
School:School of Law, Psychology and Social Work

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