Opera Choir 2018 - Practical Study    First Cycle    7.5 hp

Operaakademi2018 is the collective name for the four courses in the field of musical drama given by the School of Music, Theatre and Art at Örebro University in collaboration with Opera på Skäret. The courses are aimed at singers, both soloists and choir singers, and composers. You can be at the end of, or already finished with your education to be a singer or composer. The four courses interact with each other and leads to performances at the Opera på Skärets Opera Festival summer 2018.

Opera Choir - two courses which together gives you the opportunity to study, rehears and perform on stage in the opera choir during the 2018 professional opera production at the Opera på Skäret Festival. The first of these two opera running courses is Opera Choir 2018 - Practical Study. Here the focus is on the score study of a major opera in all its artistic and technical aspects. Through rehearsals, seminars and lectures in a professional context you will concentrate on vocal technique, voice care, artistic interpretation and musical communication, and learn about the opera chorus and its different roles and conditions in a historical and contemporary perspective.

Teaching Methods: Group instruction, Seminars, Lectures

Assessment: Assessment will be in the form of assignments during the course and active participation in the course seminars and in the rehearsals.

Requirements:Standard university admission requirements and passed entrance test.
Selection:Average grade/national university aptitude test/university points.
Weeks:03 (2018) - 22 (2018)
Studies:Part-time, Mixed time schedule
Language of instruction:English
Application code:ORU-48164
School:School of Music, Theatre and Art

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